Saturday, May 31, 2014

What's Growin On - May 2014

Holy Basil flowers.  They taste great!

Many flower producing stems with seeds ready to be cultivated.

Squash sapling.

Young squash plant in a planter I made by re-purposing an old fertilizer spreader.

Here come the squash!

Second generation cilantro seedlings.

Second generation cilantro seedlings.

More second generation cilantro seedlings.  You can see the remains of the first generation in this picture.  I harvested roughly two cups of fresh coriander so-far, not including the ones I used to start around 10 new cilantro pots.

Cherry tomatos on their way.

More cherry tomatos.

Red kidney bean pot.  I made the border out spares from my wood log collection.

Another red kidney bean pot.  This one is bordered by concrete.  In the center, not visible in this picture is a red onion.  We call her the "Queen of the beans".

Oranges on their way.

And more oranges on their way.