Sunday, February 16, 2014

Champ RTF Micro Airplane

Yesterday, I decided to splurge and spoil myself with a Champ RTF.   The set comes with the aircraft, a controller and a battery charger.  This image shows the controller and aircraft.

The prop is 5in long (about as long as my smart phone) and it has a 21in wingspan.

It is 16in from nose to tail.

The battery is held in-place by a small strip of velcro on the belly.

In order to charge the battery, you need to disconnect it and and remove it from the aircraft.

The rudder activator protrudes from the right-rear.

The elevator activator protrudes from the left-rear.

The steering wheel is driven by the rudder.

The tires are made of a soft foam, which you can easily squish between your fingers.  The material feels like chamois leather.

The body behind the prop is roughly 1 3/4" wide.

And finally, some shots of the controller.  This is the front face.

This is the back face.

I logged a total of 4 flights over 15 minutes today.  This is my first time flying a micro, so it's going to take some time to adapt.  I take off by holding the unit in my hand, throttling up to 50% and then tossing it like a paper airplane.  I am surprised at how easy it is to control.  I was able to do flips and low-passes on my first flight.  My landing sequence usually consists of throttling down at around fifteen feet or so, then gliding down into the grass and 'crashing with style'.  I had to overcome my fear of bringing the airplane down into my thick St. Augustine grass.  The aircraft has very little mass, which allows the thick St. Augustine grass to bring it to a gentle stop.  Instead of landing on the ground, I would prefer to catch the plane in my hand.  This will take some practice but will likely come in handy when I decide to fly around a parking lot.

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