Wednesday, June 26, 2013

OUYA - Lack of License Agreement

My OUYA arrived in the mail yesterday.  Tonight, I dug through the manual and was reasonably surprised to find that no license agreement was provided.  There is a section of the manual titled "The License Agreement" but it's interesting, read below:

This is a close-up of the right hand page.

This is a close-up of "The License Agreement" section.

When I browse to right now, this is what I see:

Well now, that was unexpected.  I tried using the support forum ( to search for "license" and this led me here:

While searching around the internet, I discovered that many others are interested in obtaining the linux kernel source for the OUYA, see:

I ended up posting a question to the General Discussion section of the developer forums:

...and sending an inquiry to OUYA support with the following request:

'''I received my OUYA yesterday.  Tonight, I was reading through the manual and decided to read through the license agreement.  The resource does not appear to exist.  I would like to request a copy of the license agreement for my unit, model: OUYA1
Thank You'''

Within the console, there is a Legal Information section that details the following:
- Android Open source licenses (licenses for libraries used by OUYA software)
- OkHttp by Square, Inc.
- Picasso by Square, Inc (software added by OUYA)
- iPerf by The University of Illinois

The problem with these is that my unit had received several updates once it was connected to the internet.  I am mostly interested in obtaining the license agreements for the software that was originally distributed to me.  I guess we'll see what happens!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

OUYA Arrival

Well, let's pop the top.

I didn't know I was signing up to be a revolutionary...

Controller and console.

It's all hooked up.

And i'm at the home screen.

This has been an interesting experience so-far.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

I'm in the Cloud

I generated a volumetric display of myself using a Kinect.  The sensor is on the table directly in front of me, roughly a meter away.  It is pointing up at me, hence why you see the shadow-void behind me.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Cross Florida 802.11 Frame Plot

I performed a long data collection session this weekend.  This effort spanned parts of 408, I4 and I75.  I collected a total of 5280 frames, 1010 total unique addresses and 422 unique ssids.

Here is a snapshot of frames for 408, heading West towards I-4.

 Below is a snapshot of the NE portion of I4 that crosses 408.

This is the SW portion of I4 that crosses I75.

Here is a snapshot moving south along I-75.

And finally, a snapshot of the collection session ending near Venice.

Sadly, we could not find any Gondolas.