Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sand Casting - My First Pour

Warming up the crucible.

Melting some scrap obtained from old blinds.

Put the crucible back in the furnace after my pour.  I still do not have a nice mould for pouring ingots.

Poured too much and burnt my flask!

Looking good!  Though, A "real" pour would not happen without being fully enclosed.

Burned again...

A few minutes later, I broke it out of the sand.

Char hut!  Lesson learned.

Notta bad!

Let's clean it up on the band saw.

All of those imperfections are just ugly.  I wish I had a milling machine in my garage.

Nip deh tip!

I put it in the vise for hand filing.

More hand filing.

Too tired... so this is where I quit.

My first sand casting!

These are what the poor mans sand casting tools look like, from left to right.
- an old rod I found in my yard
- a rod I cut off of my neighbors old lawnmower
- el cheap-o welding gloves from harbor freight
- a plumbers wrench

I actually used that plumbers wrench to grab the hot crucible.  That was quite exciting!

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