Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Turning Old Shower Curtain Hangers Into Magnets!

I recently inherited several old shower curtain hangers that looked fishy! Fortunately, they did not smell fishy. They were in reasonably good condition and I did not want to see them thrown away. At first, I thought I could make a fake-aquarium for my daughter, where she could hang them and play "pretend fish" (two year olds like to do that ya-know). Unfortunately, the other thing two year olds like to do is throw things and these hangers were not designed for high-velocity impacts. My next idea was to make some refrigerator magnets out of them!

I decided to rip off the back hangers and put some magnets on them. The back part of the hook is embedded into the fish-material, so I had to be careful to pull the hook off flush with the back of the fish. If I moved the hook slightly back and forth a few times it would break off evenly. Here is a shot of one fish with the hook and one without the hook.

Next, it was glue time! I did not use any ultra-expensive-special-purpose adhesive for this, just regular old Elmer's Glue-All (the multi-purpose glue). It claims to be a "New Stronger Formula!", I suppose we will see just how strong it is. The magnets are regular disk magnets about 3/4" in diameter. Take a look at this close-up.

Below you can see most of the fish just sitting around, waiting for their glue to dry. They are such patient creatures!

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