Tuesday, August 4, 2009

ArcObjects Moment of the Day

For those of you that deal with arcmap often, I figured I would pass this on. If you do any raster processing in arc and end up getting random errors when processing the raster, pay close attention to this page:

I quote:
Some characters are not allowed in the name of an output raster.


# Special characters that are not allowed explicitly are:

( (open parenthesis)
) (close parenthesis)
{ (open brace)
} (close brace)
[ (open bracket)
] (close bracket)
\ (backslash)
~ (tilde)
' (single quote)
" (double quote)
, (comma)
' ' (space)

Pay close attention to that "space"... So, next time you get random errors and have a space in your filename, try putting your raster in C:\Temp or something to see if it fixes it. . .


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