Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bone Discovery - More Findings, More Photos

I walked my dog this afternoon and took another visit to the site. Unfortunately, my camera batteries were dead and I didn't realize this until trying to use it, so I was unable to take photos at the site. I searched around high and low for more specimens. I found several small pieces of bone and cartilage around the hole. I searched around within a 5 meter radius of the site and was unable to find any more large pieces. On my walk back however, I moved very slowly and was able to find one more vertebrae. The image below is a summary of my finds for today.

Since dinner was finishing up when I brought them in, I figured it would be better to just wait until after dinner. I cleaned them off with hot water and now they are busy drying. In the mean time, here's a few shots of some of the other bones discovered yesterday.

This is the pelvis. While I was cleaning it, the bone cracked straight through the center. I was really upset about this. In the photo above, the two pieces were leaned up against each other to make it look uniform while taking the picture.

The picture above shows all the detached ribs that I found. These are not displayed in any particular order but were rather aligned so as to minimize the number of photos I needed to take of them.

Here is a picture of four teeth. All-together, I could identify five teeth but the picture above is missing one of them.

These are a series of small joints that I did not align to any particular bone. It should be fairly easy to do so but i'm pretty tired right now. You can see how these fit together in the image below.

This is a collection of various bones, joints, smaller teeth? and pieces of cartilage.

This is the scapula, that is located near the top of the front legs on canines.

I am going to be reasonably busy this week and i'm not certain when I will be able to make another pass at the area to look around. So, in the mean time, you can sift through my previous bone-related posts.


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