Friday, November 21, 2008

Lassen DR+GPS J-Track Ramblings

My Lassen DR+GPS unit is currently sitting ever-so-gently on my desk. I have the antenna propped between my blinds and the antenna is pointed out the window facing towards the north eastern skies. The software comes with a sky plotter (see the snapshot below). Tonight, I became interested in seeing how well aligned the output would be with that of JTrack, so I spent a bit of time eyeballing the SV plots. This was out of curiosity more than anything. Of course one curiosity leads to another and curiosity got the best of me this evening. I started to wonder about where JTrack 3D gets its data. Unfortunately, it's not open source so there is no digging into the code for me tonight. Fortunately, there is Wireshark. A preliminary sniff while running JTrack3d resulted in a couple of http gets for a jar, some dll and a couple of text files; jtrack3dvectors.txt and codes.txt. I got to thinking it would be reasonably interesting to plot these in Google Earth. Perhaps I will hack at that a bit this weekend.